Sourcing Within

Performance Artists, Singapore

Founded by ANG Gey Pin, in collaboration with Ranice TAY, Sourcing Within is dedicated to researching and performing work on embodied practices. The work unearths the innate physical and vocal presence of an individual, constellating the sources of one’s being into a true creative act. The duo’s original creation, Dreamtalk, was invited to multiple international venues. They were part of the core team that launched The Remembering Resource — a series of creative encounters including a new work, That Day That Book That Fell. They have also been invited to teach/direct in various international instances, as well as at tertiary arts institutions in Singapore.

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The Twinkling Hour

There are two concepts of time — Kronos as linear crescendoing time; and Kairos, divine time. Kairos is purpose and synchronicity; it is an invitation to view each moment as deliberate and defining. At the pinnacle of every moment, we are given one chance to respond, our final act of grace. This is the premise for The Twinkling Hour, a practice-research project, excavating the potentialities of embodiment and theatre, a contemplation of different climate and landscapes; sourced using songs, movement, textual and visual imagery which becomes vessel for the primal impulses of the performer.