Ayako Kato

Dance Artist, Japan

Called "Compelling to behold” by the New York Times, Ayako Kato is an award-winning Chicago-based dance artist originally from Yokohama, Japan. Influenced by a Japanese view of nature and the philosophy of Tao, Ayako embodies the intangible, the beauty of being as it is, as "The Way” of nature. In winter 2018, she actualized 30 pages (4 hours) of 4000-page score stück 1998 written by Swiss Wandelweiser composer Manfred Werder through movement. For her fearless and radical experimentation, she was selected for the Players 2018: The Fifty People Who Really Perform for Chicago by Newcity Stage, Links Hall Co-MISSION Fellowship 2017, 3Arts Award 2016 in Dance, a Meier Achievement Award 2016.

Learn more: www.artunionhumanscape.net and www.vimeo.com


Ethos is a trilogy of operatic scale experimental dance and music performance to elevate awareness of the intangible wisdom across different cultures of ancient Greek, Chinese and Native American/First Nation. The Ethos applies the Art Deco glasswork technique intercalaire (inserted), established when Emile Gallé was influenced by Japonisme. The project sought to envision the ethos of a new age internally, externally, synchronically, diachronically and multidimensionally. At Camargo Foundation, Ayako conducted intensive literature, dramaturgic and movement research, overseeing the Mediterranean Sea.

Ayako was in residence at the Camargo Foundation from June 8 to July 9, 2018 in partnership with 3Arts.