Anthony Vine

Composer & Musician, USA

Anthony Vine is a composer and guitarist living in Brooklyn. He writes acoustic ensemble music that draws on the resonant hues of instruments and

mythologies of the American Midwest while exploring the ecstatic potential of tone. His work has been presented internationally through collaborations with Alarm Will Sound, Quatuor Bozzini, the Minnesota Orchestra, Yarn/ Wire, and many other musicians. In 2016, he was awarded the Gaudeamus International Composers Award, with the jury noting, «Anthony Vine creates a solid, mature, beautifully crafted fragile sound world. He knows how to blur the identity of the different sources of sounds including the use of electronics in a very singular way.»

Litanic Earth

During the Middle Ages, masons and architects would cement clay vases, pots, and jars into the vaults of churches in an attempt to improve the buildings’

acoustical qualities. These arcane enhancements would resonate with the singing of cantors and parishioners, improving the quality of the sung liturgy. At Camargo, Anthony Vine will visit ecclesiastical sites in and around Cassis which feature resonators and document them through field recordings, photographs, journals, and sketches. The collected material will be used to create a multimedia album.