Pauline L. Boulba, Aminata Labor, Rosanna Puyol & Nina Kennel

Performer & dance researcher - Artist, performer & researcher - Poet & Publisher - Writer & researcher

Rosanna Puyol is a poet and a publisher who collaborates with artists for exhibitions, readings, video and performance programs. As a co-founder of the independent publishing house Brook, she has published translated texts by Laura Mulvey, Shulamith Firestone, José Esteban Muñoz, Stefano Harney and Fred Moten. She organizes reading groups, writing and translation workshops. This year, she is teaching at the art school ENSBA Lyon.


Aminata Labor is an artist, a performer and a researcher. Her work is nourished by political reflections based on transdisciplinary practices. Her practice includes drawing but she also works as a researcher, and recently she published a research project addressing the affects and perceptions of protests with Éditions de l’Atelier Téméraire.


Nina Kennel is a writer and researcher. Her investigations focus on events and artworks that do not seem to have “made history”. In studying trivial or almost invisible objects, she attempts to observe the constellations of traces that highlight their presence in absence. She is currently writing a PhD dissertation at EHESS.


Pauline L. Boulba is a performer and a dance researcher. She holds a PhD in Dance Studies at University Paris 8, which will be published in Fall 2022 by the University Press of Vincennes. Her work aims to bring a queer and feminist perspective on dance history through critical practices. She created several dance pieces: The Broken Tongue series (2015-2017), Ôno-Sensation (2019) and, more recently, J.J. with Aminata Labor.

JJ - Lire, traduire, fabuler les écrits de Jill Johnston

JJ is a collaborative project stemming from critical practices in dance, and from the writings and lesbian activism of Jill Johnston. Working together, researchers, choreographers and performers Pauline L. Boulba and Aminata Labor, writers and translators Nina Kennel and Rosanna Puyol are composing a publication featuring collective translations of selected articles by Jill Johnson, drawings by Aminata, texts by Pauline and Nina, and poems by Rosanna. The book will be published in 2023 by Brook, which is dedicated to translating artistic and feminist texts.