Eve Beglarian

Eve Beglarian, contemporary composer, performer and audio producer of Armenian origin (United-States)

The Los Angeles Times describes Eve Beglarian as «a humane, idealistic rebel and amusical sensualist.” Her current projects include a solo piano piece about Emily Dickinson responding to Ives’ Concord Sonata for the pianist Donald Berman, a project about US Native-Settler relations growing from her replication by bicycle of an exploratory trip of the Great Lakes made by Henry Schoolcraft in 1820, and a piece for 24 basses in a grove of trees, composed for Robert Black and friends. Since 2001, she has been creating A Book of Days: «a grand and gradually manifesting work in progress...an eclectic and wide-openseries of enticements.”
(Los Angeles Times)

The Real Deal

The Real Deal is a concept album/song, cycle/performance project of music and words queering Guillaume de Machaut’s 14th century epistolary romance Le Livre dou Voir Dit for our time; also, continued work on the ongoing series Machaut in the Machine Age.