Brinda Bose

Scholar, India

Brinda Bose teaches at the Centre for English Studies in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Her interests are modernisms and the avant-garde, gender/sexualities, feminist/queer theory, Indian writing in English, Indian parallel cinemas and modernist Bengali poetry, which she also enjoys translating. Her recent publications include the edited collection Humanities, Provocateur: Towards a Contemporary Political Aesthetics (2021) and a monograph, The Audacity of Pleasure: Sexualities, Literature and Cinema in India (2018). She is currently editing two volumes on Indian avant-garde aesthetics and will be working towards a book on global avant-garde traffics during her Camargo residency.

Global Avant-garde traffics : Aesthetics, politics, Erotics

In her project, Bose will explore the theory and practice of radical aesthetics in the 20th century in their political and erotic contexts: traffics in avantgarde literature, film, and art across borders, continents and decades. Aesthetic echoes, conversations, lineages and contradictions should reveal not just reverberations of idea and form, but of an erotic resistance that is political, and a political art that bears an erotic charge. Across avant-garde moments and movements globally, she will consider transgressive methods for the humanities in the increasingly censorious climate of the university.