Huda Takriti

Transdisciplinary artist, Syria - Austria

Huda Takriti is a transdisciplinary artist who was born in Damascus and is currently based in Vienna. Her practice ranges from painting and drawing to video, sound, sculpture, and installation. Her works address the relationship between history and politics, memories and counter-memories, and the ways in which we construct our own subjectivities. Takriti explores the absences in historical memory by drawing together personal and national narratives, and then rigorously interrogating the outcomes. She received the Kunsthalle Prize 2020 (Austria), Ettijahat Production Award, Laboratory of Arts, 7th Edition 2020 (Lebanon), Styrian-Artist-in-Residence fellowship 2016 (Austria) and BMUKK and Kulturkontakt Austria residency fellowship 2014.

Evidences of things unseen (working tittle)

Evidences of Things Unseen is a multimedia spatial installation exploring the availability and non-availability of archives relating to Middle Easten female freedom fighters during periods of armed anti-colonial struggle. Her research questions the construction and production of historical narratives and considers the possible impact that re-constructing these hidden or neglected (hi)stories might have on our understanding of historiography and on the processes of archival ‘truth-making’.