Juan Arminandi

Musician & composer, Indonesia

Juan Arminandi has been a musician and composer for over a decade. He studied musical composition with Diecky k. Indrapraja between 2012 and 2015, and since 2018 he has studied experimental music and the building of musical instruments with Wukir Suryadi. His first instrument, which was based on Sape’ and Selodang traditional instruments from West Borneo, was built in 2018 and called Mu74n (Mutant). His second project, MAKSNOVATION (2020), was inspired by the misty season in Borneo. In all of his projects, he aims to work closely with the craftspeople that create the instruments. He is a member of Balaan Tumaan Ensemble from Pontianak, which is a musical community that explores and researches musical traditions from West Borneo.

Hybrid Frequency

Hybrid Frequency will use the interaction of human, environmental, social and cultural surroundings as elements of an experimental process in which the artists body will become a recording instrument. The five senses will be tools for recording moments, with the experience of observing, hearing and feeling being codified into local data concepts. Based on this, new musical works and instruments will be created which address the Hybred Frequency, reflecting Arminandi’s belief that many frequencies that we have never heard of before actually exist in the universe.