Lewis Wallace

Journalist and writer, USA

Lewis Raven Wallace (they/ze/he) is an award-winning independent journalist based in Durham, North Carolina. He’s the author of The View from Somewhere: Undoing the Myth of Journalistic Objectivity (University of Chicago Press, 2019), and the host of The View from Somewhere podcast. Lewis previously worked in public radio, and is a long-time activist engaged in prison abolition, racial justice, and queer and trans liberation. He is a 2021 Ford Global Fellow and a 2020 Knight Visiting Nieman Fellow, and a cofounder in 2018 of Press On, a southern movement journalism collective. Lewis also plays the accordion, writes poetry, scuba dives, and spends time with his three potbelly pigs.

Radical Unlearning

Radical Unlearning is a work of journalism and memoir that mixes research into the human mind with true stories about transforming deeply held beliefs, the kind that take root in childhood. The book begins and ends with the author’s own story: their white South Carolinian grandmother grappling with her racism and homophobia on her deathbed in 2017, and their own decision to come out as trans. The premise of Radical Unlearning is that bucking the ideologies we’ve been saddled with is possible. The question is, what makes these shifts likely?