HAWAF Collective

Mohamed Abusal retrained as an artist in 2000, attended many workshops and undertook research to develop and refine his artistic skills. Since 2000, he has worked at a prolific rate producing daring and innovative work which has attracted great publicity and garnered much critical acclaim. He has exhibited extensively around the world over the last two decades. 


Sondos Al-Nakhala is a Palestinian architectural engineer. She has experience in working with international and local institutions, which allowed her to develop a broader architectural thought within the scope of work in Gaza. Since graduation, she had the chance to work as a team manager in KANNAN’s project, also, had a unique experience working with Premier Urgence Int., in 3D and Photogrammetry Design training in 2020. 


Salman Nawati is a Palestinian artist, who worked as the coordinator of the Art Program at the Qattan Foundation - Gaza Center. He has worked as an art teacher in Fine arts college “Aqa University”, as well as an art director for several art festivals in Gaza. He is an expert in many artistic fields such as drawing, sculpture, installations, design, photography, filmmaking, theater, music, along with art therapy. 


Project: Sahab imaginary Museum

Hawaf collective (Hawaf means edges in Arabic language) was founded around the idea of (re)building a community through the building of a museum. During a residency at Camargo, Hawaf would like to reunite the founding members of the collective - who reside in Gaza, Sweden and France - in order to continue to develop practices of imagination with the methodology developed by the collective, and enrich the museum’s collection and vision. Sahab Imaginary Museum (Sahab means cloud in Arabic) aims at developing safe spaces where communities can exchange, through several platforms: digital, physical and curatorial.