Sarouna Mushasha

Sarouna is a Palestinian music producer, musician, audio engineer and DJ. Born in East Jerusalem, Palestine, she started playing qanun at the age of 7 at the National Conservatory of Music. She received a scholarship to attend Kerklee College of Music (2016) and graduated with a degree in Music Production & Engineering. She has freelanced in audio/music related fields ranging from podcast/radio, mixing & mastering, music education, sound design, music production and music for visual media and film.

In 2018, she founded Tawleef, an independent women-led Palestinian record label and artist space. She is currently working on a collaborative music project and her debut album.



The project aims to explore and deconstruct the different layers and juxtapositions of identity and oppression through Sarouna’s own visual and sonic childhood memories during the 2nd Intifada in Palestine. Peripheral explores these themes through sampling, archival material, field recordings and sound design to re-think the sonic landdscape of the time. In parallel, the project will also experiment with Palestinian folkloric music using archival recordings as well as Sarouna’s own instrument, the qanun, through electronic processing, production and visuals to accompany each of the different pieces.