Ghada Bouchehit

Researcher, writer and literature translator, Algeria

Ghada Bouchehit was born in Algeria and lives there. She is a researcher, writer and literary translator. Passionate about cinema and literature, she is a regular contributor of specialized columns to Arabic-language magazines and websites.  In 2022, her translation of the novel "Jacob, Jacob" into Arabic was published in Algeria by Editions Franz Fanon.

During her residency at Camargo, she will be working on her "Mémoires en images" project. Sixty years after independence on the Algerian side, and the end of the Algerian war on the French side, the shared memory remains fraught, undermined and not fully explored. Often instrumentalized, even manipulated. Cinema is one of the few places where this memory continues to be discussed.

The aim of this essay is to depict this ambiguous, even difficult, relationship between two countries, two nations, through cinema during the colonial period and after Algerian independence, based on archives and interviews with cinema practitioners on both sides, Algerian and French.