Samira Negrouche

Poet, essayist and translator, Algeria

Born and living in Algiers, Samira Negrouche is a poet, essayist and translator. Trained as a doctor, she now devotes her time to writing. Interdisciplinary creations are an important part of her career, and she has collaborated with singer and musician Angélique Ionatos, artist Marc Giai-Miniet, theorist Bruno Helstoffer and choreographer Fatou Cissé. A major voice of Algerian poetry, she has been translated into some thirty languages. Her publications include À l'ombre de Grenade, Éditions Marty (2003), Le Jazz des oliviers, Éditions du Tell (2010), Traces, Fidel Anthelme X (2021) and Stations to be published in March 2023 by Éditions Chèvre-feuille étoilée.

During her residency at the Fondation Camargo, Samira Negrouche will be working on her "Basculements" project.

The aim is to plunge into the moment when everything shifts, just before it shifts, to probe the boiling silences in a society on the brink of implosion. The in-between of all possibilities, of all dangers. In this tipping point, I'm also interested in our relationship with otherness, the limits we believe define us and separate us from others. My first phase of work is to draw and write portraits as a pretext for finding the right form to explore the subject.