Sarah Haidar

Writer, journalist and translator, Algeria

Born in Algiers in 1987, Sarah Haidar is a writer, journalist and translator. The author of five novels published in Algeria, France and Lebanon, she first made a name for herself as the youngest Algerian writer when she published her novel "Zanadeka" (Apostates) in Arabic in 2004, at the age of seventeen. In 2013, she published her first novel in French, "Virgules en trombe", hailed by critics as an innovative work that breaks completely with prevailing literary norms. "La morsure du coquelicot" (2016), embodies a further step in her work deconstructing the novelistic "déjà-lu". Both novels will be reissued in France by Libertalia and Blast.

"Aménorrhée" is a novel of anticipation, which could be described as a dystopia. It takes place in an unnamed territory that readers can reappropriate as they please, where a revolutionary yet cynical gynecologist performs clandestine abortions, even though abortion is punishable by death. In a dizzying but perfectly mastered polyphony, this story, begun in 2017, attempts to question the constant threats to women's conquered rights, as well as totalitarianism and the disastrous consequences of our little daily renunciations.