Anna Metcalfe

Ceramic Artist, US

Anna Metcalfe's work bridges the aesthetics of objects and relationships; she is driven to discover how interaction and collaboration can be facilitated through ceramics. Her work addresses critical issues in the environment and what is happening in her local community. Clay, a medium that finds its way into every home as a sink, a dish or a tile, is a ubiquitous and tactile material. She uses it as a springboard for engagement and collaboration. She also uses narrative as a mechanism to help create empathy between people. Many of her projects are platforms for other members of her community to share their stories. Anna lives in Minneapolis with her husband, two cats, a dog and 6 cooperatively-owned chickens.

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At the Table

As a ceramic artist, Anna is interested in how the objects directly connected to food can be conduits for conversation about an environmentally balanced and culturally sustainable food systems. She investigated the natural and cultural ecosystems in the area around Cassis and the Calanques through personal interviews of individuals connected to food. She wrote several short vignettes about how craft, environmentalism and social engagement intersect with the research she conducts. She additionally created new pieces about her research and hosted a meal with the participants.

Anna was in residence at the Camargo Foundation from May 5 to June 15, with support provided by Jerome Foundation and Saint John's Pottery.