Jill Hubley

Visual Artist & Web Developer, US

Jill Hubley is an artist and developer working on research-driven explorations of the environment and space. She uses and mixes a number of media: data visualization, mapping, physical computing, drawing, printmaking, generative code and collage. She studies the relationship between green spaces and urban infrastructure, biodiversity in cities, and disrupted geographies. Her work has been covered by Wired, The Guardian, CityLab and others, and has been featured in numerous books on data visualization and cartography. In 2015, Hubley was a Creative Code Fellow at the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, and in 2016 was awarded the U.S. Forest Service’s Voices of the Wilderness artist residency.

Calanque Flow Maps and Drawings

While in residence at Camargo, Jill developed a series of large scale drawings and digital pieces that look at historical changes in the geology of Cassis and Les Calanques. These pieces used line quality, color, direction and other variables to encode data about natural and human forces that have altered and influenced the landscape. The flow maps of Charles Joseph Minard served as a visual point of departure. Data visualizations developed with javascript, sensors and physical computing, and drawing were all employed in the realization of these works.

More info: www.jillhubley.com

Work in progress

Jill was in residence from January 5 to February 15, in partnership with the Saint John's Pottery and the Jerome Foundation.