Objectives: Individual or collective work about contemporary issues


Recipients: Artists, scholars and thinkers (international)


Minimum duration: 5 to 6 weeks 


Selection: Call for applications


Programs of this type: Cultural Diaspora, European Pavilion, Marine Worlds 


Camargo positions itself on societal issues through its targeted residency program that address current topics. In 2018, the Calanques National Parks, the Pytheas Institute (Aix Marseille University CNRS IRD) and the Camargo Foundation joined forces to invite international artists to reinvent connections with nature with the nature for the residents of a metropolis within the exemplary context of the Calanques National Park. Through the European Pavilion initiative since 2021, in partnership with the European Cultural Foundation, Camargo supports reflections on Europe and its future.


The Cultural Diaspora program, which supports dramatists from the African diaspora, aims to stimulate a dialogue about the various ways in which the experience of belonging to the African diaspora has shaped their perspectives and creations.