Julien Clauss

Sound Artist (France)

Julien Clauss lives in the Hautes-Alpes, France. Excavating the relics of his studies in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, he has worked in the art and media field since 2001. Initially sound related, his work has expanded across visual arts and sculpture. Oriented towards the fabrication of spaces, his work uses a conceptual and minimalist vocabulary, but also the environment and the context of land art, to produce immersive sensory experiences that disorient the viewer. He creates sound pieces, installations, sculptures, performances and radio devices.

Dark Heat

Over the last decades, scientists have been arguing about the existence of a form of communication between plants: apparently, plants transmit information through electrical signals and chemistry. Happening beyond human perception, this communication could be one of the many phenomena that occur in the invisible part of our environment. At Camargo, Julien Clauss planed to observe indirectly plant communication to create an aesthetic experience for the public: participatory readings via community radio, video streaming of infrared observations, and paintings made of toxic waste.

Julien Clauss was in residency at Camargo in January-February 2018.