Lisa Hirmer

Multidisciplinary Artist (Canada)

Lisa Hirmer is a Canadian interdisciplinary artist whose work spans social practice, visual media, performance, community collaboration, and experimental forms of publishing. Working under the pseudonym DodoLab, she explores the public life of ideas by working both in public and with the public. In her photo-based work she studies the forces that transform ecological systems and human relationships with the more-than-human world. She has shown her work across Canada and internationally including the Art Gallery of Ontario, Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, Doris McCarthy Gallery, CAFKA, Peninsula Arts, Blackwood Gallery, and Flux Factory. Hirmer is a graduate of the University of Waterloo.

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Tales of Vegetable Beings

Tales of Vegetable Beings is a work that explores human-plant entanglements. The title at once refers to the plants as beings themselves and the many ways of being together with plants. The work acted as a survey of exchanges between humans and the vegetable realm, which reframes plants not as inert objects but as active agents playing important roles in the economic, social, and emotional lives of humans. The aim was to highlight the incredible two-way relationships, formed deep in our evolutionary past, that have left plant signatures in humans and human signatures in plants and reveal the ways in which we are deeply entangled with and dependent upon the non-human world around us.

Lisa Hirmer was in residency at Camargo in January-February 2018.