Cassandra Medley

Playwright, teacher, United States

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, USA, Cassandra Medley’s plays have been produced all over the U.S. since 1982. Most recent works: “March 13, 2020”, Martha’s Vineyard Theater, “Celebrating Our Community,”Gatekeepers Collective,” 2020, “Mrs. Palmer’s Honey,” Bread and Roses Theater. “Cell,” Playing On Air Website 2018,»Take My Advice,» 2017, «Survive,» 2017, “Cell, the full-length” Molelo Theater-2015,
«American Slavery Project,» 2012-13, NYC, “Cell, the one act”, Ensemble Studio Theatre Marathon 2011, “Daughter”, Ensemble Studio Theatre Marathon 2009, “Noon Day Sun”, August, 2008, Diverse City Theatre Company. “Relativity,” the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Ensemble Studio Theatre, 2004. She is a retired Professor of Playwriting at Sarah Lawrence College, taught at New York University, and has also served as guest artist at Columbia University, the University of Iowa Playwrights Workshop and Seattle University. Cassandra worked as a staff writer for ABC Television: One Life to Live – 1995- 97. She is a playwright member of the Ensemble Studio Theatre, and New River Dramatists, and the Dramatists Guild.

My soul is not rested _ Two one act plays

Cassandra will be writing two one act plays involving African-American personnel working in U.S. immigration detention centers. Each play will present characters working under circumstances that force them to witness detainee abuse and exploitation carried out under «official orders.” Each play will portray characters forced to choose between maintaining the jobs that they desperately depend upon versus standing up for their private ethnical principles. Both stories will present an encounter between an African-American and newly immigrated, undocumented Africans.