Jhonny Salaberg

Playwright, actor, Brazil

Jhonny Salaberg is a playwrigt and actor, born in São Paulo, Brazil. Graduated at the Free School of Theater of Santo André, SP. Founder of the theater group O Bonde. Author of three dramaturgy books published by Editora Cobogó, RJ. One of them “Tiny-little Holes or The wind is picumã’s enemy” staged for the theater and awarded in 8 categories by the main awards in Brazil. He researches and works to bring together performing arts and discussions on the ethnic-racial context in Brazil. His texts are used as reference and study material in State/Federal Universities and Theater Schools in Brazil, as well as in Black Theater studies in Norway by the magazine Norsk Shakespeare-og Teatertidsskrift.

Griot, A Black Elderly Body In Perspective

Griot, A Black Elderly Body In Perspective is a project for writing a play that aims to investigate the construction of social narrative from the point of view of the invisibility and representation of elderly black bodies in positions of power and the valorization of afro-descendant ancestry and the post-abolition brazilian memory, from the book “Meetings with the Griot Sotigui Kouyaté” by the Brazilian writer Isaac Bernat. From the work and territorial distancing, it is intended to investigate Death and longevity confluencing in the elderly black body in Brazilian society, intersecting with the oral tradition of West African Griots.