Keith Glover

Playwright, director, United States

Mr. Glover’s latest play, “Revival: The Resurrection of Son House” had its World Premiere at Geva Theater in May of 2019. Keith Glover’s teleplay, The Fantasia Barrino Story, Life is Not a Fairytale which premiered on the Lifetime Channel and where it received the second highest ratings of any show in Lifetime’s history. His musical, Thunder Knocking on the Door, a Blusical tale of Rhythm and the Blues written with Grammy Award-winning blues musician Keb’Mo’ and directed by Mr. Glover returned to Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park in the spring 2012, where it remains the highest grossing musical in the last twenty years at the Playhouse. He is the author of Dancing on Moonlight which was produced at the Joseph Papp Public Theater by the New York Shakespeare Festival. His Second Play, Coming of the Hurricane, premiered at the Denver Center Theater Company and has since been produced at Arena Stage (Washington DC) and at the Crossroads Theater Company (New Brunswick) with Viola Davis, Coming of the Hurricane was a finalist for the American Theater Critic’s Award for Best Play as well as a runner-up for the Theodore Ward prize for Playwrights. In collaboration with Tony Award winner, Charles Strouse, Mr. Glover wrote and directed the revival of the musical, GOLDEN BOY at the Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven and the Leslie Bricusse musical, “Sammy” based on the life of Sammy Davis Jr. at the Old Globe Mr. Glover has directed productions of his play, In Walks Ed at the Cincinnati Playhouse and at the Long Wharf Theater. In Walks Ed was the recipient of the Rosenthal Prize and subsequently nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for drama. Mr. Glover is the writer of the 234th edition of Ringling Bros., and Barnum and Bailey, The Greatest Show on Earth which subsequently toured the world.

The Re-education of Ferdinand Magellan Rehearsed

The Re-education of Ferdinand Magellan Rehearsed uses at its centerpiece the rehearsal of a play in celebration of the voyage of Fernand Magellan. The first man believed to have sailed around the world. The Voyage was primarily a wealth creation endeavor, but it was also an expedition to spread Imperialism and brutal Religious Dogma. The rehearsals are a craven means of Re-educating the Political prisoners cast to perform the play by the State. Wherein they have been subjected to savage treatment to establish conformity they are now dealing with Stanislavsky and Meisner to brainwash them in total. The play springs from an intense personal curiosity about theater experiments with individuals incarcerated both here in the United States and abroad from the 1940s through the present day. The methods developed collectively through various institutions in the hope of transformation in the individual prisoners and the prison population in total. These efforts are driven to reduce the recidivism cycle and ease violence between the prison population, but could these programs become corrupted? The easy answer is possibly! Yet, begs deeper reflection, If the Inmate is made aware, could they then hijack these same weapons to gain control and then use these brainwashing weapons against their Oppressors? Even while battling conflicts within their ranks? Can The Human spirit successfully rise against Tyranny, forced re-education through a theatrical act?