Cipm at Camargo


About the Program

This partnership program with the Cipm (centre international de poésie de Marseille) was developed in 2020, during the covid-19 sanitary crisis. These unpredecented times made us realize even more the importance to develop programs specifically dedicated to poetry at a regional scale.

About the Partner

As a place for the creation and dissemination of contemporary poetry, the Cipm sets up an annual programme of public readings, meetings and exhibitions around French and foreign contemporary poets, as well as magazines and publishers that expose their creations. Thematic symposia, awareness raising activities, writer residencies, interventions abroad, translation workshops are also organized regularly throughout the year.  Since its creation in 1990, the Cipm has welcomed more than 2000 authors.
This activity is complemented by the work of the specialized library, freely open to the public, with nearly forty thousand documents available to the public.


Poets are offered this residency program on invitation by the Cipm.


Pascal Poyet, "Translating "but" Shakespeare's Sonnets", 2020
Ariane Epars, "Sans-Titre", 2020