Boris Pétric

Anthropologist, France

Boris Pétric's research is part of a reflection in political anthropology. He is currently working on the globalization of the wine industry. Since 2012, he has been conducting an ethnographic study on the development of wine production in China, which is about to become one of the world's leading vineyards.

Boris Pétric is director of the Norbert Elias Center in Marseille and Avignon, a laboratory bringing together anthropologists, sociologists and historians working on social dynamics. He is involved in "La Fabrique des écritures" project, a co-creation place that offers to experiment an innovative cycle of research using new modes of visual writing to reach audiences beyond the academic sphere.

Château Pékin: le vin, la France, la Chine et la globalisation

Château Pékin: le vin, la France, la Chine et la globalisation is based on an ethnographic study on the consequences of the Chinese craze for wine. The latter are becoming both consumers who are transforming the world market, and one of the main producers on a global scale.
This transformation of the wine industry is transforming France, a country in which wine and viticulture are major economic stakes. This book raises a more general question of what it means to "co-habitate" from now on with the Chinese production by sharing this drink that connects us through a practice of consumption but also through a way of conceiving the exploitation of nature.