Fabrizio Cassol

Musician & Composer, Belgium

For twenty years, he has been the composer and saxophonist of the band Aka Moon.He has often worked with choreographers such as Alain Platel, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker,  the Samoan Lemi Ponifasio, the Congolese Faustin Linye. In opera, he already worked with Philippe Boesman-Luc Bondy, in theatre with Tg Stan. His close collaboration with KVS, the Flemish Royal Theatre, led by Jan Goossens, was followed by an artistic residence in the opera De Munt La Monnaie (Brussels) led by Bernard Foccroulle. Since 2012, he has been artist in residence at the Fondation de l'Abbaye Royaumont near Paris to continue studying world cultures, his latest creation being AlefBa with musicians from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey.
His particular interest in non-European music started after a trip to the Aka pygmies in Central Africa in 1992 and expanded to Asia (especially India) and Africa where he worked with the diva from Mali Oumou Sangare, the Griot Baba Sissoko and the Black Machine, the Indian master of percussion U. K. Sivaraman and the Senegalese Doudou N'Diaye Rose. As for the improvised music scene, he worked with Marc Turner, Robin Eubanks, David Gilmore, Magic Malik, Marc Ducret and Joe Lovano. Together with DJ Grazzhoppa, he created the first big band with 14 DJs and participated in the concept of the aulochrome, a new polyphonic and chromatic woodwind instrument built by François Louis. He passes on his extensive knowledge of music from oral and written traditions, of chamber music or symphonic work in workshops and master classes all over the world.

Requiem pour L. (2015-2018)

With the Requiem (working title) Alain Platel and Fabrizio Cassol continue a collaboration which began with vsprs in 2006, and was followed by pitié! (2008) and Coup Fatal (2014). They are both kindred souls in the way they write new stories with familiar materials. The classical European repertoire is a source of inspiration, a starting point to venture out from and create a new universe by means of so-called métissages. In this new performance, the point of departure is Mozart’s Requiem. Cassol, who is always on the lookout for métissages in the music, assembles a band of African, Western and Oriental musicians for the Requiem, with whom he has worked on previous productions. Using vocals and instruments, they reconstruct the Requiem, mixing in their own influences with jazz and opera.

On a theatrical level, Alain Platel and the group are looking for a physical and visual translation of the themes of death and farewell rituals. In addition to the musicians, two actors/dancers join the group on stage.

Lamento di... (working title) (2019)

Fabrizio Cassol is currently working on his new project Lamento di... Inspired by Monteverid's Madrigals, Cassol is working with gypsy multi-instrumentalist and singer Tcha Limberger to bring back to life some stories from the time of the Romani genocide.

Cassol is in residence at Camargo from December 26, 2018 to January 18, 2019 and from May 6 to May 28, 2019 in partnership with le Festival de Marseille.