About the Program

This residency opportunity is awarded to a FIDLab project, the international coproduction platform of FIDMarseille, the International Film Festival of Marseille

  • For filmmakers
  • Open to awardees of the FIDLab at Camargo prize
  • Development / production / postproduction

About the Partner

FIDLab offers a meeting place for discussing film projects selected from all over the world, in order to offer filmmakers an opportunity to make useful contacts and network with producers, distributors, international sales agents, sponsors, and broadcasters.


Projects must have been previously selected by FIDLab and recepient of a FIDLab award.


4 to 8 weeks depending on the project.

Following the return to Europe of the first Columbus expedition, two Eyerís Indian twins named Bohique and Guaba arrive in Spain using the technology of foreign ships, making them the first Americans to set foot on European soil. Both the Eyerís and the sailors are confined by Pinzón, the Captain of the ship, in houses far from the village while he notifies the Catholic monarchs of the expedition's return. Everyone celebrates the return home while waiting for the Captain, but the twins have a mission to accomplish: to fertilize the land of the strangers. To do this, Guaba must die and become a seed that Bohique must retrieve and plant. Guaba's spirit guides Rui Gallego and his brother, the only witnesses to his death, to find the seed. The Eyerís teach the sailors the conucos technique, the Eyerí seeding method. Once the seed of his twin is collected, Bohique plants it. A solar eclipse plunges the world into darkness. In the darkness, a root begins to grow.


Genre : Fiction

Running time: 70'

Production : Lejos Lejos (Spain) Lejos Lejos (Spain)

Producer : Elisa Celda

Production: Sumendi (Spain)

Producer : Ander Sagardoy

Status : Development

Budget: 600,000 €.

Acquired budget: €20,000

Country of shooting: Spain



La Sangre es blanca / 2021 / 13'

Violeta + Guillermo / 2018 / 6'

Lenda negra / 2016 / 28'

O Tremor / 2015 / 18'

Former Residents

Carlos Casas, Filmmaker, Spain, 2021
Helena Wittmann, Filmmaker, Germany, 2020

Roee Rosen, Filmmaker, Israel, 2018

Cyril Schäublin, Filmmaker, Switzerland, 2021
Jorge Leon, Filmmaker, Belgium, 2015, 2018, 2019
Nicolas Klotz & Elisabeth Perceval, Filmmakers, France, 2017

Assaf Gruber, Filmmaker, Israel/Germany, 2018
Daniel Mann, Filmmaker, Researcher, UK, 2021
Phillip Warnell, Filmmaker, UK, 2016