Nicolas Klotz & Élisabeth Perceval

Filmmakers, France

Nicolas Klotz and Élisabeth Perceval have made eight feature films, as well as an important series of documentaries, short films, videos and cinematographic installations. They are developing cinema that questions cinematographic form as much as contemporary change through their films. Their films have been screened widely internationally: La Quinzaine des Réalisateurs in Cannes, Locarno, Toronto, BAFICI Buenos Aires, Nouveau Cinéma in Montréal, San Sebastian, New York, Chicago, London, and many more. 

I Felt Like a Fire Was in My Face

It is winter 2016. 7,800 people are living in the Calais Jungle. They have fled today’s planetary wars - military, civil and economic – that are devastating their lives. They are in the Jungle and dream of England. All around, riot police, vans and prefectures monitor them. They are surrounded, overexposed, exhausted, desperate and full of hope. Each night they attempt the journey to England. Each night the police and their dogs turn them away, but they begin again the next night. In barely 6 months they have built a small city from the mud. A cricket and football pitch below the main road. Languages and cultures flow through the streets, in the air. Wind and violence are everywhere. All sorts of violence : police, criminal, historical and war. The Jungle is a nascent whirlwind of vitality growing every day. Towards the end of winter, the French state decides to destroy the southern part of the town where 3,500 people including families and children live. When the bulldozers and the riot police arrive, many set fire to their houses to ward off evil, most of them move towards the northern zone while others hit the road again.

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Nicolas Klotz and Élisabeth Perceval were in residence from September 9 to 24 and from November 28 to December 12, in partnership with the FIDLab of the FIDMarseille 2016.