Helena Wittmann

Filmmaker, Germany

Helena Wittmann was born 1982 in Neuss, Germany. Originally studying Spanish and Media Studies in Erlangen and Hamburg, she went on to attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg (HFBK), where she graduated in 2014. Her works, including her first feature film DRIFT (2017) and the short films ADA KALEH (2018), 21,3°C (2014), and WILDNIS (2013) were shown internationally at film festivals and exhibitions (including Venice Film Festival/IT, Tate Modern/UK, New Directors New Films/US, Int. Film Festival Rotterdam/NL, Viennale/AT, FID Marseille/FR, Toronto Int. Film Festival/CA, New York Film Festival/US etc.). Helena Wittmann works and lives in Hamburg, Germany.

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Ida lives with a crew of five on a sailing yacht. During a shore leave in Marseille, the French Foreign Legion attracts Ida's attention and she sets herself a new goal. Following the traces of the Legion, the route leads via Corsica to the Algerian town of Sidi-Bel-Abbes. Until Algeria's independence in 1962, the city served the Legion as its main base for 130 years. Ida and her crew do not only break through geographical boundaries on their journey. The past is reflected in the present, different languages find their common ground and social hierarchies are redefined.

Helena Wittmann was in residence at Camargo from January 7 to January 31, 2020, in partnership with the FIDLab.