Fondation Royaumont at Camargo


About the Program

In 2017, the Fondation Royaumont and the Camargo Foundation have launched a joint-residency program for composers. 

About the Partner

The Fondation Royaumont, located in an abbey near Paris, is a transdisciplinary institution which seeks to dismiss the barriers between the arts and other realms of thought. First opened in the late 30s, it is only after the 2nd World War that the Foundation truly started to be functional and to welcome artists and thinkers within its walls. It offers, amongst others, short residencies focused on contemporary dance, performing arts and contemporary music.

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2 weeks.


Michele Foresi, Composer, Italy, 2021
Sam Taylor, Composer, Australia, 2020
Mauro Hertig, Composer, Switzerland, 2020
Nuno Costa, Composer, Portugal, 2019
Jack Sheen, Composer & Conductor, UK, 2019
Cengiz Eren, Composer, Turkey/US, 2018
Matthew Chamberlain, Composer & Conductor, US, 2018
Huihui Cheng, Composer, China, 2017