Michele Foresi

Composer, Italy

Michele Foresi is an Italian composer of acoustic and electronic music. His work explores musical performance beyond the acoustic dimension, focusing on its visual, physical, and playful side. Born in Macerata (Italy) he graduated in violin and completed a bachelor in philosophy with full marks and honors. He studied composition and electronic music in Bologna and Helsinki, graduating with Paolo Aralla with full marks, and in Germany with Fabien Lévy. During the years he attended courses with Francesco Filidei, Simon Steen Andersen, Rebecca Saunders, Carola Bauckholt, Matthew Shlomowitz. His music has been performed across Europe, in collaboration with wonderful performers and ensembles.

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it's no accident they call it The Present

“it's no accident they call it The Present” is a commission of the Royaumont Foundation for the Linea Ensemble, with the support of Christine Jolivet Erlih. This piece is the last in a series of compositions that reflect on our current condition of isolation, alienation, stagnant repetitiveness. Thinking too much about the future is often seen as a source of psychological distress, and the solution that is always proposed is to “focus only on the present". But what can you do when the present is all you have, an eternal return of the same, without escape or perspective, and your only solution, to project yourself into the future, is precluded? This present is no longer a gift, but a conviction.

Michel Foresi is in residence at Camargo from May 27 to June 26, in partnership with Royaumont Foundation.