Julie Rousse

Sound artist, improvisator, and phonographer, France

Julie Rousse, born in Paris in 1979, lives and works in Marseille. She is a sound artist, improvisator, as well as a passionate phonographer, continuously seeking new sound samples. Inspired by concepts of space, dreams and ecology, through improvisation Julie explores raw sounds in real time, delving into their intimate fabric. Through these techniques, she seeks new textures, innovative rhythms, and imaginary landscapes, creating a unique sound experience.

She has participated in art installations and sound performances at major events, festivals and venues dedicated to the digital arts and experimental music. Her work has been exhibited for instance at the Festival Les Musiques (gmem-CNCM-marseille, 2018); Nuit Blanche (Paris; 2005, 2011, 2015, 2018); Centre Pompidou (Paris; 2017); Musée de l'Homme (Paris; 2017); Festival REEVOX (gmem-CNCM-marseille, 2016). Julie’s pieces have been published on the record labels Sub Rosa, TsukuBoshi, Zeromoon, NoType and broadcast on Arte radio, France Culture and Radio Libertaire.



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"Sur l'Horizon": residency program for composers

During this residency at the Camargo Foundation, Julie Rousse used her time to develop specific recording and listening devices which were then presented and shared during two public events, an opportunity to explore the interplay between sounds heard in our environment and their transformation by the artist.

By experimenting with the permeability of boundaries between performance and reality, sound elements of the landscape are highlighted, giving voice to the sphere of the inaudible.  This soundscape is reached through the development and in-situ experimentation of unique sound devices: hydrophones, piezoelectric, accelerometers, wind and electromagnetic technology and a modular broadcasting device for sound installations.

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Sound Walk with Julie Rousse: HORIZON-S

The Horizon is a familiar element of landscape, which we muse over and covet as a goal to achieve. Yet it is a non-place, an imaginary curved line between the earth and the sky, separating sky and sea.

It is this image that leads the sound artist Julie Rousse to a reverie with an invitation to the public to experiment with the imaginary line that separates reality from the artist's mediation. An invitation to explore the boundary between the audible and the invisible, the Here and now from an Imagined elsewhere during a soundwalk through the landscape of the gardens of the Camargo Foundation, concluding with an outdoor performance at the open-air theatre.

horizon (noun)

As soon as we lose sight of the land, we plunge into the dimension of uncertainty, into the "domain of the formless": "the sea is the place where all balance or stability is broken, the endless negation or, at the very least, the recurrent threat to security that man, who is used to the land, more or less consciously carries within him".

"There is no horizon. The sailor never finds, nor will he ever find this sharp line between sky and water. This sinuous line of woods and mountains, and this richly colored mist, go and see it; it is everywhere as here, trunks, leaves, paths, rocks". Alain, Propos, 1933, p. 1168.

  • Friday September 4, at 6pm
  • Friday September 11, at 6pm

For both dates, attendance limited to 10 people.
Mandatory booking: rsvp@camargofoundation.org

With the support of the Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and Région Sud.