Loïc Guénin

Composer, France

Loïc Guénin is a French composer born in 1976. For several years, he has been conducting personal research on sound, listening and contemporary musical composition. He works on the relationship among architecture, natural and urban environments, but also sociological and sound environments and the sense of listening developed by everyone. This in-depth research has enabled him to develop a graphic notation resulting from a meticulous examination of the places that commission him. This research gathers together many fields of experimentation (original music, dance and choreographic writing, photography and links to landscapes) that he strives to integrate in a singular approach. Loïc Guénin has developed projects ranging from instrumental music to contemporary dance, from photography to electro acoustics, and from sound installation to visual art.

In 2005, Loïc Guénin founded the Phare à Lucioles, an organization dedicated to contemporary creations and very active in its rural and isolated territory of the Mont Ventoux. Since 2018, he has been the artistic director of a large-scale project, Le M![lieu], a place of creation, production and diffusion located in a former school.

Loïc Guénin collaborated with the ensemble l'Instant Donné, the Philharmonie and the Ensemble Intercontemporain before completing 3 seasons as an associate artist at the National Stage of Marseille, Le ZEF.

©Vincent Beaume, Le Chemin

"Sur l'Horizon": residency program for composers

To live is to usually occupy a place, to live there in an ordinary way, to be present there. Sometimes, it is also forgetting to really look at this place and listen to it. For this residency of creation and experimentation, Loïc Guénin wishes to write scores based on meetings and exchanges with the inhabitants or visitors of the Camargo Foundation and its surroundings. Each encounter will lead him to write a sound piece in the form of a postcard score, for an instrument and a few sound objects, chosen each time in direct relationship to the person and the place. Finally, the persons who are involved will be invited to come and listen to their pieces, played for them and for their chosen friends.

Sound Postcards

Loïc Guénin invited inhabitants of Cassis to write sound postcards, i.e. a musical score in the environment of their choice. These scores are set to music and presented to the public during presentations.

With the support of the Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and Région Sud.