Kathrin Wildner & Katharina Pelosi

Anthropologist & Artist, Germany

  • Kathrin Wildner +

    Kathrin Wildner est une anthropologue urbaine qui a travaillé sur le terrain à New York, Mexico, Istanbul, Bogotá et dans d'autres contextes urbains. Ses recherches portent sur l'espace public, les aspects de l'urbanisme transnational et les méthodes qualitatives de la recherche urbaine. Elle est membre fondateur de metroZones - Center of Urban Affairs (www.metrozones.info). Ses recherches, ses intérêts d'enseignement et ses publications recoupent de multiples domaines grâce à une approche interdisciplinaire. Depuis 2012, elle occupe le poste de professeur de théorie et de pratique culturelles à l'Université HafenCity de Hambourg. En 2018, elle est invitée par le Goethe-Institut de Marseille pour une résidence au FRAC PACA, le fonds régional pour l'art contemporain.

    More info: www.kwildner.net/

  • Katharina Pelosi +

    Katharina Pelosi studied at the Institute for Applied Theater Studies in Giessen and since then has been working as a sound artist in the field of performance, choreography, installation and radioplay. She is part of the feminist performance collective Swoosh Lieu, whose performances were shown at various festivals (Stückemarkt des Berliner Theatertreffens, Impulse, Politik im Freien Theater, Tanzplattform). In 2015-2017 she was a fellow of the graduate program Performing Citizenship with an artistic PhD project on sound as a memorial cultural medium in postcolonial Hamburg. In 2018 she obtained a scholarship at the Villa Kamogawa in Kyoto (Goethe-Institut Japan). In 2019 she received a postgraduate grant from the Hessian Theater Academy.

    More info: swooshlieu.hotglue.me 


The Echoes of the Breaths

In collaboration with artist Katharina Pelosi, Kathrin Wildner "re-listened" to the sound work she produced in August 2018 in Marseille during her residency at the FRAC Provence-Alpe-Côte d'Azur, as part of her project Le souffle de la Joliette. These sounds, made from field recordings, interviews, and audio diaries, highlight several aspects of the Marseille port area such as traffic, demolitions, construction sites and the "executive noise" of new office buildings and shopping centers.
Over time, in this part of the city, new soundscapes have emerged as a result of this urban transformation, political movements, and the emergence of new forms of daily resistance. Beyond the different sound strata, new rhythms, new materials, and new narratives appear.
During their residency at the Camargo Foundation, located a day's walk from Marseille, Kathrin Wildner and Katharina Pelosi worked on the echoes of this urban noise by asking themselves a question: What happens to this sound material when listened to from Cassis?

Kathrin Wildner and Katharina Pelosi were in residence at Camargo in 2019, in partnership with the Goethe Institut Marseille Partnership Program.