Alia Hamdan

Artist, Researcher, Lebanon

Alia Hamdan's trajectory intertwines philosophy, performance and urbanism. In the last eight years, she was mainly committed to studying and teaching esthetic political theory and art history in Beirut, at ALBA university, USJ and LAU. One year after the Beirut explosions, she decided to suspend her teaching and focus on an artistic and research practice. Her theoretical enquiry revolves around choreography as a semiotic and political field. Alia wishes to provoke tailored encounters between the Deleuzian semiotics of the image and choreographic thinking of the 20th century and to use choreographic thought as a means for a form of esthetical political activism. She sees dance as a politically-tense field, where anachronical worlds, questions, sensations, and spaces can collide. 

A personal museum of dance

The personal museum of dance is a multidisciplinary project proposal, centered on the dance and the sea, as objects of a memory of an uncertain present. This research and creation project is attentive to the way in which the Lebanese political context affects the spatiotemporal coordinates of gestures and dance. It proposes to conceive and experiment the idea of an intangible and personal museum of dance, oriented towards the future.