Nesrine Khodr

Performance and Video Artist, Lebanon

Nesrine Khodr’s work engages with various media primarily film, performance and text to tackle themes that pertain to language, landscape, psychogeography, and social histories. With a background in History and Film Studies, she was also resident at the Rijks Akademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam in 2003-2004. She has worked in various capacities including as voice actor for audio works, as director and producer of television arts and culture magazines (2007-2013), as dramaturg on various performance projects, and as actor in feature films including Roy Dib’s The Beach House (2016), and Révolution Zendj of Tariq Teguia (2013). Her work has been shown at the Image Forum, Tokyo, Tate Modern, Les Journées de la Photographie, Damascus, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Videobrasil and Les écrans documentaires. Her most recent projects are Tahrik a reading performance on video exhibited in space edits (the trouble with language) at Beirut Art Center, and Extended Sea, a 12 hr durational performance on video, which was part of Sharjah Biennial 13 Tamawuj and the Expanded Forum of the 68th Berlinale. Khodr lives and works in Beirut.

Still Waters

The setting of the sea on location will be used as a vital backdrop to a video and performance project that will focus on working images taken by the sea in the aftermath of the Beirut port blast which were intended as a personal time capsule of a particular moment, and move on to explore gestures that weave together the temporalities of major events, unfathomable states, with the particularities of individual experience, while taking as a starting point immersion in water and sea which has been a recurring element and method of working.