LabexMed at Camargo

Art & Science

About the Program

Through the residency program LabexMed at Camargo and since 2014, the Camargo Foundation and LabexMed have been aiming at stimulating relations and cultural exchanges between scholars and artists of the Mediterrenean Basin, in order to encourage and support the development of projects at the interface between the humanities and the arts.

  • For artists, scholars, and thinkers
  • Next call: spring 2019
  • Research / experimentation / production

About the Partner

LabexMed (the Laboratory for Excellence in Mediterranean Studies) coordinated by the Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l’Homme in Aix-en- Provence (France), has the ambition of moving further along the path towards pluridisciplinary and integrated research on the Mediterranean and encouraging the dialogue between the Humanities and Social Sciences and the earth, life and environmental sciences, throughout any time and geographical scale.


This residency program has been designed for teams composed of 2 to 5 persons including artist(s) and scholar(s). The project team must include at least one scholar associated to one of the affiliated research units of LabexMed. Priority will be given to teams with one or more member(s) coming from a Mediterrenean country.
Candidates must show, through their research or personal record, their interest for interdisciplinary junctions and interchanges between the humanities and the arts.


Travel expenses to and from Cassis and a daily allowance of €30,50 for each resident.


2 to 4 weeks, between November and April. The precise schedule will be determined according to the availabilities of the apartments and the needs of the selected teams.

Next Call

There is no next call scheduled at the moment.
Consult the last call's guidelines here.

Former Residents and Projects

"You Are Not Here By Chance" Project by S. Bava, B. Coyault, and M. Nejma, 2019
"Beirut Stills" Project by A. Dahdah, C. Arzoumanian, and A. Farine, 2019
"Figuraction" Project by E. Olmedo, M. Poisson, A. Maria, and M. Christmann, 2019
"Maps and Islands" Project by G. Monsaingeon, J-L Arnaud, J-M Besse, D. Renaud, and G. Tiberghien, 2017-2018
"Stories' residues" Project by L. Odasso and E. Maestri, 2017
"Karstic Crossings" Project by S. Bordreuil, K. Holten, M. Sartori, S. Schwartzenberg, and B. Cononell, 2016
"KARST" Project by S. Bordreuil, M. Sartori, B. Connell, and H. Sturm by 2016
"Objects of mobility" Project by S. Bava, S. Bredeloup, and M. Nejmi, 2016
"Monumentalization of Power, Architecture and Urban Practices in the Balkans and the Mediterranean" Project by A. Gallicchio, P. Gaglianò, R. Kodra, N. Milhé, S. Cherpin, and P. Sintès, 2016
"Archeology of a French right-wing ethos" Project by S. Iché and C. Raymond, 2016
"To the closest, together" Project by D. Gille-Pamart, A. Hérat, N. Monnet, L. Segade, and H. Sturm, 2015