Objects of mobility : reflexion, representations, exhibition

Curators & Visual Artist, France

The team

  • Sophie Bava
  • Sylvie Bredeloup
  • Malik Nejmi

This research project is at the intersection between two other projects in progress which also focus on the Mediterrenean area; the former is led by the UMR LPED (IRD/AMU) while the latter was conceived by Malik Nejmi following his residency at IMéRA. Ce que nous disent les objets sur la mobilité des hommes entre les deux rives du Sahara, a research program which associates researchers, curators, and artists as suggested by Sylvie Bredeloup and Sophie Bava, questions Sub-Saharan mobilities with a quirky approach, and aims at exploring the "life" of the objects which accompanied Sub-Saharan migrants as well as nomads during their journeys, both in the geopolitical context of boundaries' solidification, and in that of the "Arab revolutions".

The team was in residence at Camargo in 2019, in partnership with the LabexMed (Aix-Marseille University Partnership Program).