Elias Khoury

Writer, Lebanon

Elias Khoury is a Lebanese writer, editor and professor. Born in Beirut in 1948, he finished his studies at the Lebanese university of Beirut, and was a Global Distinguished Professor at New York University. He was the editor of the Weekly Supplement of the newspaper An-Nahar, the co-editor of Al-Karmel Journal, and he is now the editor of the Journal of Palestinian Studies. He published 13 novels, 4 books of literary criticism, and articles in international journals. His novels are translated into 15 languages. Besides being a public intellectual, he was the artistic director of the theatre of Beirut, and the co-director of the Ayloul Festival for Contemporary Arts. 

A Man Who Resembles Me

Elias is working on the third volume of his trilogy The Children of the Ghetto. The first volume entitled My Name is Adam, was translated to French, English, Romanian and Hebrew. The second volume Stella Maris, will be coming out shortly in English and French.
A Man Who Resembles Me is a novel which takes place between Palestine and New York, based upon the experience of the Lydda Ghetto, where the Israeli army created a ghetto for 500 Palestinians who stayed in their city after its ethnic cleansing.