Artist Communities Alliance _ McKnight Artist Residencies Consortium

The Artist Communities Alliance (ACA) is the international organization that supports artist residency programs and host organizations. ACA's mission is to advocate for and support artist residency programs in order to advance creative work and research around the world. Founded in 1991, ACA currently has more than 250 members in 50 U.S. states and 20 countries and works on behalf of 1,500 residency programs worldwide.

Founded on the belief that Minnesota thrives when its artists thrive, the McKnight Foundation's arts program is one of the oldest and largest of its kind in the country since its inception in 1981. The McKnight Artist Fellowships Program provides annual, unrestricted fellowships to outstanding mid-career Minnesota artists in 14 different creative disciplines.

The Camargo Foundation is set to host two recipients in 2023 with the McKnight Artist Residencies program:

  • George MAURER, Performer, Composer, Multimedia Artist (US) +

  • Mary PRESCOTT, Interdisciplinary artist, composer and pianist, (US) +