Abdelmoneim Rahamtalla & Lena Merhej

Poet, Writer, and Journalist, Sudan & Author and Illustrator, Lebanon

  • Abdelmoneim Rahamtalla +

    Abdelmoneim Rahamtalla was born in Sudan. He is a poet, writer, and journalist. Abdelmoneim co-founded the daily newspaper Ajras al-Hurriya (Bells of Freedom). He has been living in France since 2015. He has published a book in Arabic " زمن اليقطين " and a collection of poetry drawings. Moneim is currently working on his fourth novel Adila. Adila is a historical fiction based on the story of a Turkish woman (Oum Alkhier-Maryam) whose son-in-law is one of the heroes of the Mahdist revolution in Sudan, Prince Osman Dekna (the Mahdist state 1885-1895 was founded by Muhammed Ahmad "Almahdi"). Moneim tries to document Maryam's act of betrayal of her husband, when she revealed her hiding place to the Ottoman authorities.

    "Créations en urgence" supported his writing residencies at the Camargo Foundation (December 2019 - January 2020), at the PA-F (November - December 2020), and again at the Camargo Foundation with the artist Lena Merhej (February 2021).

  • Lena Merhej +

    Lena Merhej grew up in Beirut and has lived in several countries. She has written more than thirty albums for children, and is a member of the Samandal collective, a comic book publisher in the Arab world, which received the Alternative Comics Prize in Angoulême in 2019. Her comic books Kamen sine (2009) and Laban et confiture (2012) received the prize of the FIBDA of Algiers. Lena has taught illustration and animation in several universities in Lebanon. She has also written a thesis on the narration of war in Lebanese comics in 2016. She often participates in festivals and book fairs related to illustration. She is currently putting the final touches to a work on Marseille.

The residency at the Camargo Foundation in February 2021 is an opportunity for Lena Merhej and Abdelmoneim Rahamtalla to meet through their respective practices: comics, illustration, poetry, and writing, to see if an album could see the light of day.