Alexandre Bergamini

Writer and photographer, France

Following his older brother’s suicide when he was a teenager, Alexandre Bergamini began to write and lead a wandering life of travel and theatrical experiences. He now lives in a mountain village, surrounded by wild goats, eagles, and wolves.

Or at least he lived there. In 2020, the Alex storm destroyed the valley when he was beginning to settle. He believes that the gods live accordingly to our deep nature.

He has been devoted himself exclusively to writing and photography for twenty years. In Le Livre de Vivian, published by Médiapop in November 2019, Alexandre Bergamini questions traces and photographic evidence through the fragment and the legend. Vague inquiétude published by Picquier in January 2020, is an internal and melancholic journey to Japan, following the ghostly steps of the writer Akutagawa.

During his residency at the Camargo Foundation in fall 2020, Alexandre Bergamini made research on the Japanese writer Osamu Dazai, author of Cent vues du mont Fuji, in reference to Hokusai's drawings.

Bedside note on Osamu Dazai

"It is however in this famous inn on Mount Fuji that Osamu Dazai wanted to go into exile in order to write. After Hokusai did, and according to Hokusai’s drawings. This is what Cent vues du Mont Fuji is about: not to come down from the Mount until the book is finished. Yet the cold rises and reaches the bedroom. The fog also does, and Osamu cannot see anything anymore. Everything is mist, confusion. October, November, December, and the cold becomes terrible and sharp. Osamu struggles with himself and is not done. The fog has invaded everything: the land, the forests, the Mount Fuji, and his poor confused mind. He knows that if he goes back down, it will be a bitter failure: he will not be a writer and could not stand his own reflect in the mirror. Fuji San remains invisible and inaccessible to his project. A masterful and spectral allegory of literature."