Summer Institutes and Seminars

With the quality of its facilities and its location, Camargo is a perfect site for institutes and seminars. The campus offers different indoor and outdoor spaces for small and larger meetings, and the quality of the facilities as well as the setting facing the sea make it highly conducive to discussions and exchanges.

Participants can be accommodated on site in the 18 individual bedrooms. There is a large number of hotels within walking distance, if needed to host additional participants.

The group coordinator who organizes the institute or seminar will work with Staff in advance and manage the program once it is on site.

The Camargo Staff is available not only to assist with practical elements and information, but also has a large network of contacts in the area related to arts, humanities, and social and human sciences. The Staff also welcomes an opportunity to engage in the conception of a program, and can suggest possible visits or meetings relevant and tailor-made to the specific subject of the seminar/institute.

Depending on the subject, it might also be possible to include an event for the public and/or professionals in the area in the amphitheater or the music conference room.

For more information about summer institutes and seminars at Camargo, please email us at

Recently, the Camargo Foundation welcomed the following summer institutes and seminars:

Maghrebi Jewish-Muslim Interactions Seminar
The BAU Institute
The Medieval Workshop

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