Maghrebi Jewish-Muslim Interactions Seminar

September 17-18, 2019


This event brought together a Euro-Mediterranean and transatlantic group of artists, performers, and scholars working across a wide range of genres, including music, theatre, film, street art, and stand-up comedy, to discuss cultural encounters, influences, and cooperation between Maghribi Jews and Muslims. The event worked towards an interactive exhibition, building on online archive of cultural artefacts and recordings.

Seminar organized by Karima Dirèche, Samuel Everett, and Rebekah Vince for the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH) at the University of Cambridge in partnership with Aix-Marseille University, European Association for Jewish Studies, and Paris-Sciences-et-Lettres University.

The participants were: Arthur Asseraf, Adi Bharat, Morgan Corriou, Naomi Davidson, Karima Dirèche, Agathe Dreyfus, Mathias Dreyfus, Neta El Kayam, Sami Everett, Jonathan Glasser, Amit Hai Cohen, Warda Hajab, Miléna Kartowski-Aïach, Hadj Miliani, Iris Miské, Jonas Sibony, Chris Silver, Rebekah Vince, Naima Yahi, and Mourad Yelles.