The Medieval Workshop


The Medieval Workshop consists of a one-week residency for Medieval Studies scholars convened by Marilynn Desmond (University of Binghampton) and Noah Guynn (University of California, Davis).

In 2019, the topic is “Medieval Forms.” They will share and critique essays in the fields of English, French, Occitan, and Italian Literature and Art History that examine the relation between aesthetic forms and social formations in the Middle Ages.

The participants are: Dr Anke Bernau, University of Manchester, Professor Seeta Chaganti, University of California, Davis, Professor Marilynn Desmond, State University of New York, Binghamton, Dr Mary Franklin-Brown, Cambridge University, Dr Jane Gilbert, University College, London, Professor Noah Guynn, University of California, Davis, Dr Catherine Keen, University College, London, Professor Robert Mills, University College, London, Dr Julie Singer, Washington University of St. Louis, Dr Luke Sunderland, University of Durham.

At Camargo

This workshop takes place every two years.