Support the Camargo Foundation as it grows

The past few years have been remarkable for the Camargo Foundation. After a brief hiatus due to the 2008 financial crisis, we reopened in 2014 and since, we have welcomed over 250 artists, scholars and thinkers to our beautiful site, giving them the time to think, create, experiment, and exchange ideas. We have been actively expanding our residency programs, hosting public events, partnering with outstanding organizations, and more. We thank everyone who has helped us achieve this success.

Now nearing our 50th anniversary (stay tuned for news about our half-centennial celebration in 2021—2022!), the Camargo Foundation is livelier than ever, attracting fellows and residents from all over the world, including visual artists, composers, choreographers, historians, economists, sociologists, filmmakers, novelists, ecologists, philosophers, performance artists, and more. Click here to read our recent newsletters, which feature stories on Fellows and other residents’ activities as well as concerts and performances.

As part of our expanded programming, in 2018 we introduced new thematic residencies: The Cultural Diaspora invited eight African and African-American playwrights to participate in a four-week summer residency, allowing them to share ideas and strategies for working as black artists while exploring their craft, their voice, and their African-ness. The Calanques: Land of Science and Source of Inspiration convened eight international artists for five weeks to develop their ideas and work on the human/nature relationship. These residency programs will be reprised in 2021.

In the past, our operation has relied on the endowment established by our founder, Jerome Hill. But our efforts to expand the range of our program activity, along with our new independent status, means that we must strengthen our organization and raise funds. We have been fortunate that our recent programs have received support from the Jerome Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, Ford Foundation, FACE (French American Cultural Exchange), and Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso. We will continue to pursue foundation grants and develop income-generating activities that will help secure our future. But a donor base of individuals will be essential to the future of the Camargo Foundation.

We hope you will consider becoming a Friend of Camargo. Your support will enable us to move into our next chapter.

The Camargo Foundation is a U.S.-registered 501c3 nonprofit and donations are tax-deductible only in the U.S.

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